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This Channel Hosts the Toe Meets Leather College Football Podcast and The Drunken Moustache Music Review Podcast

WEEK 1!!!

September 15, 2016
md-College Football

Oh my Lord... It's finally upon us. I have to work to control my use of capital letters, but WEEK 1 IS ONLY DAYS AWAY!!!!! The Toe Meets Leather Crew gets together to discuss all the big matchups that week 1 has graced us with. Do you want to know about Ole Miss v. FSU? Alabama v. USC? GT v. BC? LSU v. Wisconsin? UGA v. UNC? We have all that and more! Logan makes a stupid decision to pick every team that he doesn't expect to win, listen to find out if he can really pick the teams he hates. Also we have a special guest who comes in to keep us honest. Listen in, and get hyped, the season is upon us!

Please note, see our new site toemeetsleather.net where these podcasts have already been posted and additional blog posts are present.