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Week 1 Recap

September 15, 2016
Congrats to Houston on the big win! But that was only one of the amazing outcomes from week 1

Week 1 sure gave us a lot to talk about. Nigel finally joins the team after a long hiatus and Logan returns from Ireland. Logan talks about the GT v. BC kickoff game, which happened to be the only one he was able to see over the weekend. The rest of the team goes over the big upsets (except for Nigel who believes upsets don't exist week 1) from the weekend and which ones they expect to have the largest impact on the remaining season.

Andrew gives his first Fish Smithson report. Find out who the top players for this week's all name team are. Nigel and Tommy check the stock markets to tell us which teams are on the rise, and which teams should sell their expectations asap.

Finally we put on our tinfoil hats for some college football conspiracy theories. Was the high ranking of USC to start the year based on talent or something else? Did App State throw their game against Tennessee? and is Roberto Aguayo being repeatedly cloned by FSU? Tune in to hear about all this and more.

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