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Week 7 Recap: Can Bama Even Lose?

October 19, 2016
how do you stop them?
you can argue, but really are you planning to stop him?

This week on the Toe Meet's Leather Podcast... Bama is really really good and cannot be beaten.

In all seriousness we talk about the chaos that is the ACC right now, and every year really. Is it parity or is it something else that leads to all these potential upsets year in and year out. And if the ACC Coastal were in another conference would people feel differently about how the teams perform.

Wisconsin continues to fall just short in attempts to prove itself. It gets another big game this upcoming week against Iowa and the Badgers will need to win every game they play to win the Big 10 West.

And yes, we talk about the powerhouse that is Bama. Why are they so good? Can they be stopped? how would our casters gameplan against facing the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Crimson Tide?

All this and more this week on the Toe Meets Leather Podcast.