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September 22, 2016

Week 3 Recap: It’s Lamar Jackson’s World, you just live in it.

Yes, this was from two weeks ago. we felt Lamar Jackson's awesomeness bared repeating

Yes, this was from two weeks ago. we felt Lamar Jackson’s awesomeness bared repeating

Despite what Louisville wants to believe there were other college football games this Saturday. Don’t worry, we talk plenty about Louisville’s freak of nature QB Lamar Jackson; but lets not forget about Alabama’s struggles on the road at Ole Miss, All the service academies currently being undefeated, Iowa losing to an FCS team, and the Big 12 slowly imploding.

Andrew declares Army as being the early favorite to win the commander and chief’s trophy (trophy for best record in the service academies). Nigel expects UGA quarterback Jacob Eason to be replaced as a starter in the near future. Tommy brings up some interesting (but ultimately useless) stats on FGs that have nothing to do with the Ohio Bobcat football program.

Andrew’s Fish report strays away from Kansas (has nothing to do with their tendencies to lose I assure you) and also highlights Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech who went under the radar this week. Nigel gives us his stock market update, and Logan is present.

All this and more, this week on the Toe Meets Leather Podcast

September 15, 2016

Week 3 Predictions

There can be only one... winner
There can be only one... winner

The whole crew is here to give their week 3 picks. Elizabeth returns with high hopes of improving her 8-2 record of correct picks. The key match up in the PAC-12 may decide the champion of the conference, find out who we pick in USC v. Stanford. It's FSU v. Lamar Jackson in the ACC this week. Can Louisville pull out a win at home and prime themselves for a potential playoff run? Is anyone crazy enough to pick against BAMA? Finally, who will win in the key matchup this weekend between Ohio State and Oklahoma? Tune in to find out our predictions.

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September 15, 2016

Week 2 Recap

and you thought week 2 would be boring
and you thought week 2 would be boring

Week two was a rollercoaster ride for college football fans. There were plenty of close calls and upsets that no one saw coming. In this cast, the Toe Meets Leather crew recaps the week 2 action.

In honor of yet another Arkansas over time victory we discuss our favorite over time college football competitions in history. Tommy also highlights some of the win loss records for teams in overtime.

Tune in for all this and more.

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September 15, 2016

Week 2 Predictions

I've been told the blood is just for show... not sure I believe that.

It may be impossible to follow the previous week of college football and still look good. While week 2 may not look to be as exciting as week 1 there are still plenty of big college football match ups that the Toe Meets Leather team are looking forward to.

This week we highlight Arkansas v. TCU, The Holy War (BYU and Utah), Washington State v. Boise State, South Carolina v. Mississippi State, Penn State v. Pitt, and of course the big match up at Bristol between Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

What players and strategies will define these games? Tune in to find out.

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September 15, 2016

Week 1 Recap

Congrats to Houston on the big win! But that was only one of the amazing outcomes from week 1

Week 1 sure gave us a lot to talk about. Nigel finally joins the team after a long hiatus and Logan returns from Ireland. Logan talks about the GT v. BC kickoff game, which happened to be the only one he was able to see over the weekend. The rest of the team goes over the big upsets (except for Nigel who believes upsets don't exist week 1) from the weekend and which ones they expect to have the largest impact on the remaining season.

Andrew gives his first Fish Smithson report. Find out who the top players for this week's all name team are. Nigel and Tommy check the stock markets to tell us which teams are on the rise, and which teams should sell their expectations asap.

Finally we put on our tinfoil hats for some college football conspiracy theories. Was the high ranking of USC to start the year based on talent or something else? Did App State throw their game against Tennessee? and is Roberto Aguayo being repeatedly cloned by FSU? Tune in to hear about all this and more.

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September 15, 2016

WEEK 1!!!

md-College Football

Oh my Lord... It's finally upon us. I have to work to control my use of capital letters, but WEEK 1 IS ONLY DAYS AWAY!!!!! The Toe Meets Leather Crew gets together to discuss all the big matchups that week 1 has graced us with. Do you want to know about Ole Miss v. FSU? Alabama v. USC? GT v. BC? LSU v. Wisconsin? UGA v. UNC? We have all that and more! Logan makes a stupid decision to pick every team that he doesn't expect to win, listen to find out if he can really pick the teams he hates. Also we have a special guest who comes in to keep us honest. Listen in, and get hyped, the season is upon us!

Please note, see our new site toemeetsleather.net where these podcasts have already been posted and additional blog posts are present.

August 14, 2016

2016 Big 10 Predictions

This week, Logan and the crew talk about the Big 10. The Big 10 is considered by many to be the second most influential conference (next to the SEC) in college football. This year the East will be a battle between Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State. Ohio State was a FG away from going to the Big 10 championship last year, however Michigan State's luck against both the Buckeyes and Michigan carried them to both the Big 10 Championship and the College Football Playoffs. Michigan, behind the strength of Jim Harbaugh, is looking to become the team in the playoff this year. Will Michigan's schedule and coaching carry them to the top of the Big 10 East, or will youthful but talented Ohio State and Michigan State teams be able to hold the wolverines back another year?

In the West Iowa looks to be the team to beat once again. below them teams such as Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Western, and Minnesota are all teams that should not be underestimated. Who will be the surprise team in the west this year, and will one of them be able to upset Iowa? Tune in to the podcast to find out.

August 6, 2016

2016 Big 12 Predictions

Ahh yes... the conference with the inaccurate name. There are not 12 teams in the Big 12, their ten teams give the Big 12 the lowest team count of all the power 5 conferences. that said the conference still has a Big impact on NCAA football as the name would imply.

What can we expect out of this conference in 2016. tune in to find out.

July 16, 2016

ACC Projection 2016

Andrew and Logan provide their record predictions for every team in the ACC. The ACC year in year out provides some of the most chaotic games at outcomes of any of the big 5 conferences. 

We talk about the Coastal as a whole, where the any team has a chance to be a contender. Find out who we think has the best chance in that division. 

We discuss Clemson, one of the top 2 teams in the NCAA last year, and discuss their easy schedule. Will they be able to avoid potential upsets and take advantage of a well planned schedule?

We discuss FSU and their potential to go undefeated in the ACC but still lose 2 games outside the conference. Can they resolve their QB issues.

Tune in to hear about all this and more.


June 26, 2016

Toe Meets Leather Returns!

We return from our hibernation through the non-football seasons. Tommy and Logan Discuss all non-football related sports occurrences throughout 2016. with 9 weeks until football season starts we talk about which matchups we are most looking forward to. Finally we talk about what teams should learn from the United Kingdom and leave their conferences. Wake Up! Football season is on it's way!